One to one support

Tailored support to help you develop energy project ideas in your local area

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We offer five days of tailored one-to-one support alongside the workshop sessions. This is designed to help you move your energy project ideas forward in your local area and could involve the following:

Types of Tailored Support

Support to consult local people to identify their energy-related priorities with CES providing technical support during your consultation process

Helping develop a local energy plan with your community

Identifying specific opportunities for future energy related projects based on the community’s key priorities or an energy plan

Carrying out feasibility of specific project options

Identifying potential funding sources for taking project ideas forward

What Can Our Tailored Support Offer You?

A named CES Development Officer who will meet with you to discuss the kind of tailored support your organisation wants and agree how the CES team will deliver your support package.

5 days of tailored support for each organisation, free of charge (with the option of providing further support if your organisation identifies additional funds).

An allocation of £2,000 per organisation to pay a member of your own staff or a new employee to help organise any local community engagement process.

Community Energy Futures is not intended as a ‘course only’ engagement – we want to work with organisations who also have the time and enthusiasm to engage with their local community throughout the programme.

What would we expect from you?

A named person from your organisation who can co-ordinate with the allocated CES staff member and coordinate your organisation’s engagement with the one-to-one support.

Enthusiasm for driving the local energy agenda and commitment to working with a CES adviser to carry out a local engagement process in the community including managing the staff member or freelancer you employ to co-ordinate the community engagement

Lead responsibility for organising any local public events including finding venues and promoting them, information circulation, local adaptation of any materials – i.e. being the face of the local engagement process

Interested in finding out more about the programme?

[email protected]

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