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Community Energy Futures is a project of Community Energy Scotland which is a registered Scottish charity, established in 2008, with an extensive membership of over 400 non-profit distributing community groups in Scotland. CES's vision is of strong, well informed and capable communities across Scotland, able to take advantage of their renewable energy resources and address their energy issues in a way that builds a more localised, democratic and sustainable energy system.

Since 2008, CES has worked with over 1000 community groups and enabled communities to develop over 500 community owned renewable energy generation assets totalling 37MW. We aim to work in partnership with community groups and any others who share these aims and wish to build their understanding and capacity to create a more democratic energy system.

We provide advice, community engagement support and technical support to community groups as well as to other stakeholders wanting to work with communities to enable renewable energy projects and to help decarbonise heat and transport in smart local energy.

As well as running the Community Energy Futures project, CES has worked with communities to deliver a range of innovation projects both past and present.

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