Smart Homes & Buildings

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This workshop explores the concept of smart homes – why are they important and what kinds of technologies make a home ‘smart’? We also look at how smart homes and storage can enable flexible energy use and the benefits of local supply.

The format is a mix of short presentations and interactive exercises designed to stimulate discussion, as well as the opportunity to engage with invited speakers from community groups sharing their own experiences of developing renewable energy projects.


What are smart homes and why do we need them?

What are the components of a smart building, why are they becoming more necessary as the grid changes and what is the current policy environment?

The role of monitors, smart meters and controllers

A look at the uses and benefits of these technologies including discussion of what they are, why they were introduced and how they fit in with flexibility.

Flexing Demand

What technologies enable flexibility, who are the key stakeholders involved and what value streams motivate it?

Energy Storage

We look at the different types of energy stores and discuss the community and household options for storage solutions, particularly for heat and electric vehicles.

Local Supply

What is local supply, what are its boundaries & why should we bother?

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