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This introductory workshop offers a broad overview of the emergence and development of community energy in Scotland in recent years and highlights the key opportunities and challenges for community energy in the context of our changing energy system.

The format is a mix of short presentations designed to stimulate discussion and interactive exercises which will draw on the experience, knowledge and perspective of all participants.

Key topics covered

What is Community Energy?

How do we define community energy, what technologies are involved, how are projects funded and what are the community benefits?

A Brief History of Community Energy

A short history of community energy projects in Scotland using case studies to highlight key drivers for project development as well as how project models have evolved over time.

Our Changing Energy System

The move away from a more traditional, static, centralised energy system model to a ‘smarter’, flexible, decentralised and user-focused model of energy management and delivery. What has changed, why has it changed and what is likely to change in future?

Challenges for Community Energy

What are the challenges that community energy has already overcome and what are the likely challenges still to come? What government policies could help community groups overcome these potential challenges?

Opportunities for Community Energy

A case study approach highlighting the different community energy responses to current challenges and how they have succeeded in the face of these.

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